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Frecuently Asked Questions

You should have a level 2(PET exam).....more or less 4.5 (GENERAL TRAINING TEST)

The Academic test is taken by students that are planning to travel to study in a University and the general for those who want a residence visa, work and holiday or get a skilled visa, these are the main differences:

The writing task 1

  • General training test ( informal/semi-formal/formal letter)
  • Academic test ( report on data)


  • General (5 readings)
  • Academic (3 readings)

The day you come to the interview we will evaluate your level of English, based on that we will make you a proposal and depending on your commitment with the training we will ensure you reach your goal, we love challenges.

In English Boutique we evaluate the level of English of our students because it is the only way to know what type of training you will need and where we should put focus on in order to tackle your weaknesses and ensure you get the score you need.

No, English Boutique is not a center where you will take the exam; here we train for the exams (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge)

No, we actually recommend you to start training as soon as possible since sometimes it is difficult to find a date to take the IELTS.

In English Boutique we provide you with all the material you will need to have the best training. Once a year we attend the TESOL convention for International Teachers so as to refresh our material and update with the latest methodology and information concerning all the exams we train you for.

Our courses are designed in a way for our students to receive all the tools they need, you will have speaking courses that will provide you the vocabulary and the speaking skills needed for the exams, training with the latest books and the guidance of specialized teacher with years of experience on these exams.

In English Boutique we open our doors to anyone who wants to learn, you have speaking courses, grammar courses and we will provide you all the material you need to take you to the next level.

Yes, we deliver online classes for students that cannot come to our premises. We send you all the material and the classes are through Skype, we even have blended classes for the speaking courses and you will be able to interact with other students.

We are in Olivos Mondays to Thursdays and in Palermo Friday afternoons and Saturday Mornings.

You should sign up at least two months or a month and a half before you plan to take the exam.

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