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The perfection of such a rich language like English is a complex art that every Buenos Aires IELTS teacher must communicate in such a way that she integrates academic excellence and efficiency.

In this context, our IELTS teacher in Buenos Aires proposes you more than only improve your English level, she teaches you how to understand it, how to make it yours.

This exam is synonymous of thoroughness and effort worldwide: a decisive event for your future that our teacher will help you to overtake due to her training in the University of San Andres, where she obtained her TESOL certification, but also to her strong connection with the language and her special teaching sight; always thinking in the student needs.

What else can we ask her apart from having great experience in the preparation of exams, annual participation in TESOL conventions where she updates about TEOFL and IELTS examinations apart from being an official representative of Manhattan School of English, institution of great educational prestige in New York; and an influential contact in the group Australia-New Zealand who trust her the responsibility to teach all students from Buenos Aires who would like to apply to study abroad.

No other IELTS Buenos Aires teacher guarantees an academic level with such recommendation.

Perhaps one, which is only obtained by the love and understanding of the English language: its unlimited passion and dedication to make the difference in the academic world. How? Making a specific, personalized and fluent plan that runs all the knowledge that this teacher has over the specific goals that every student may have.

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