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The continuous development and the update of new educational tools is something that every IELTS teacher should make and apply perfectly.This is the reason why we are leaders in our educational proposal, characterized by the implementation of the most updated teaching methods: agile, fluent, focused on your needs. Because of that we also are internationally recognized: by our great experience and dedication that together add value to your effort, training you through an updated method, versatile, stimulating, that makes you live English in a way you have never imagine.

If you are going to prepare seriously for a decisive moment in your academic life it is necessary that you do it with the best IELTS teacher. Her detailed understanding of English and her updated view of teaching guarantees you an advanced training for you to improve.

Choosing carefully is the first step to guarantee your future.


Since the year 2000, our area and its well-known experience, with hundreds of students that already overcome this difficult examination, think about your future planning units of study, personalized, encouraging you to give the best from you and, above all, to reach your goals.

Our IELTS teacher actively participates from TESOL conventions, where they discuss about the last updates in TOEFL examinations; she also owns the distinguished post of official representative of Manhattan School of English of New York, this is to say, a key contact for all those who would like to apply to continue their studies in Australia or New Zealand.

For these reasons no other teacher guarantees the same standing level, the love and understanding for English; and above all the vocation to make the difference in the educational circle.

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