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Silvia Sapia began and finished her studies at Northlands School. From an early age she felt a strong connection with the language and her vocation for education soon became evident.

Her projective personality and her pursuit of a professional growth led her in the year 2000 to focus her business towards the corporate sector. Since then, she started offering her service to first line companies: Farmfrites, Vesuvio, Solkem, British Hospital, IAFI, Exxel Group y P&O

In 2002 she travelled to Scotland and attended St. Andrews University , where she got her TESOL certificate. It was then when she changed her entire vision of the educational system and started running her English Boutique, the best place to learn and where service is tailored to student’s needs.

Silvia also works as an official representative of the Manhattan School of English , in New York City and she has taken several groups of students to study and participate of intensive English courses.

Her eternal desire to make a difference and provide a unique way of teaching makes her attend every year to TESOL conventions, to master her English and update with the latest information concerning examinations such as IELTS and TOEFL.

Today, Silvia is a key contact for students who want to move abroad and study in AUSTRALIA, NEW ZELAND and USA. She became a link to AUSTRALIA-NEW ZEALAND group, who delegated on her the responsibility of preparing these applicants.

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