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What is the TOEFL test?

The TOEFL test, specifically geared towards non-native speakers of this exciting language, is designed to test your actual command of American English. Your scores, in any of their different formats, are valid for two years, after which they must be renewed.

There are, in fact, several types of assessment within the TOEFL, basically a common name that integrates different specialties. Some have international validity, accepted by thousands of universities and private entities; others, on the other hand, only have their own weight at the national level. In any case, it is a highly prestigious exam, recognized as a mark of distinction in the handling of this fascinating language, to the point that it is the English test with more venues and dates than any other in the world.

Assessments with international validity

Among the internationally valid assessments are the TOEFL IBT (Internet Based TOEFL), the most accepted by universities and companies; TOEFL PBT (Paper Based TOEFL), the first to be developed, although now almost obsolete; and the TOEFL JUNIOR, designed to measure the level of knowledge of students between 11 and 15 years old. On the other hand, there are the exams with national validity, such as the TOEFL ITP (Institutional Testing Program), among others.

Who takes the TOEFL®?

More than 27 million people have already taken the TOEFL in Buenos Aires and around the world to demonstrate their level of English. The average for English measurement ranges from Intermediate to Advanced.

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