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For many reasons our TOEFL Training Course is the one that best adapts to your needs, working simultaneously with the main criterions that are tested in this exams of national and international prestige, oriented to no native english speakers.

What is better for you is always what best adapts to your needs in order to maximize your resources; without considering if you previously took the exam and you want to ratify it, or if it is the first time you take this important challenge. Our Courses for TOEFL will train you to surpass all the difficulties that may arise.

Constantly updated

Old courses of study don’t take into consideration your real level of english and your potential, keeping you in structured and ineffective courses. However our course of study is based in its high flexibility, its permanent updating and its personalized treatment with the student through qualified professionals.

People who know us know that this is not new. It’s fifteen years since we started building the bases of the TOEFL course, intended to give you the best and stimulate you to give your maximum for your future. How? Having an updated methodology, reliable, that renews as our professionals keep updated with the last examination criteria, identifying your weaknesses and your strength.

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Internationally endorsed

These types of exams, accepted by more than 9,000 universities and companies around the world as a guarantee of correct handling and understanding of English, require a degree of training according to their requirements. For that reason we invite you to travel this adventure with the tools that only our exclusive program is capable of giving you.