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Proper TOEFL preparation is essential to achieve your goals. The scores of these exams are recognized by more than 9,000 universities around the world, private and governmental organizations in more than 150 countries. For that reason it is vital that you put your desire to progress in the hands of qualified teachers.

From here we offer you a personalized, different, current educational experience that takes your future very seriously. How? Giving you all the guides and tools that we have been perfecting over the years so that you can significantly improve your English skills.

The key to preparing TOEFL

The key is in the update. Bear in mind that this is the international English exam with more dates and locations than any other, which makes it extremely important to closely follow its evaluation criteria.

Faced with such a decisive challenge for your future, you have to be prepared for everything, no matter what specific type of test you plan to take within the common name of TOEFL. Therefore, the secret is in the details, in the passion to teach you step by step to quickly identify and recognize the tiny traps and crossroads that you will surely find in the tests, thus preventing you from falling into those classic errors that, in short, are the that make a difference in the final score.

In addition, each individual test has its own scoring scales and conversion tables. That is why it is essential that your TOEFL test in Argentina is conducted by professionals with long and successful experience in preparing students for this important event in your life.

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