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To help you achieve all your goals, your TOEFL teacher in Buenos Aires and all of Argentina must be constantly updated, and not only in relation to new educational trends, by the way, constantly changing, but in the criteria that are especially evaluated in this type of exams.

That is the reason why English Boutique has a unique proposal, which stands out for the distinguished use of the latest pedagogical trends, putting the student as an individual ahead, adjusting to their problems and times.

Our methodology is recognized not only nationally, but internationally, training more than 500 students who have successfully passed their exams with a TOEFL teacher of excellence, with great experience, dedication and passion for teaching you to live English as an experience never before. before you had dreamed.

These types of decisive exams for your future, whether at an academic or professional level. Our deep knowledge of English, coupled with love for teaching and a modern idea of ​​its practical application guarantee you the best preparation.

Ultimately, putting yourself in the hands of the right teacher is the first and most important decision you must make.

That is why you need to know that for more than fifteen years our teacher has managed to successfully train hundreds of students who obtained a score above their own expectations.

This impressive success rate is not a product of chance, but stems from her extensive experience and vocation.

Our teacher participates annually in TESOL conventions, where the latest TOEFL evaluation criteria are debated. Additionally, she holds the prestigious position of officially representing the Manhattan School of English, based in New York City.

No other place guarantees these the same guarantees, much less a vocational level according to the standards of excellence to which we aspire every day.

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